Thursday, September 20, 2012

Still Pregnant....4 days over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am officially 4 days past my due date and still feel as though there is no end in site. What's even more crazy is I actually feel pretty good other than having a stuffed up nose for about 3 weeks now. One of those colds that my body just can't seem to get over until after the baby comes I'm sure. My worries during this pregnancy started with the worry of having a small baby. I just didn't feel as big as my 2 previous pregnancies, but that could be because I was finally blessed with no swelling, which is actually pretty amazing considering this Summer was one of the hottest and we have no AC. This worry disappeared when I hit 36 weeks and was measuring 38. I'm pretty sure I'm up to 43 now so I guess maybe I should be worried about a big baby now. I'm guessing in the 7 pound range even though the doctor estimated 8 pounds this past Monday....I'm not feeling it though. Other worries....having to have a c-section and being induced. My brother's wedding is in 3 weeks and he already moved his wedding once for me. I was recently informed that he wasn't going to move it again so I'd better have this baby. No worries will be here soon!!!! On an even more serious note though, is my worry of not having the one person I've forever ran to for comfort, support, inspiration and just the right words at the right time. Obviously I am referring to my Mom. Don't get me wrong, Brett is the best ever; however, NO ONE can replace your own Mother and this is just one of those important milestones that only a Mother can understand. It's been an internal struggle to not have the ability to call her with constant updates of the pregnancy, or more recently, those encouraging words she always seemed to say that would always put me at rest. My Mom was the first person I called after my girls were born....that won't happen. It just really breaks my heart all over again going through such a great miracle and not having her physically here to share it with. It's that feeling of...IT JUST ISN'T FAIR!!!!!!!


  1. Oh brought tears to my eyes. You are absolutely one can take the place of your mother..(and my sister). We all miss her so very much. I know she will be watching over you during this birth and you will feel her loving touch! Thinking of you with hugs and kisses! Love~ Auntie Sarah

  2. Oh Erin, my heart breaks for you. I am still so sad about your Mom and I miss her very much also. I'm here for you if you ever want to talk and I miss you guys too. You know you have LOTS of family here for you. I love you and will see you soon at John's wedding!