Saturday, August 25, 2012


I can't believe it is already the end of August. Where did summer go? It seems like we have been non-stop the whole summer...between family activities, things on Brett's list to get done and just trying to spend some fun outdoor time with the girls. We headed back East to spend time with family and friends. We were abeto to stop and see my brother's new house in York and then headed to Lincoln to see Brett's sister's 1st house that her and her husband purchased. In Lincoln we took the girls to a really neat kid-friendly place where the girls could run free and play. Here is a picture of the family in the Outer Space portion where you jumped into a bunch of foam cubes. I definitely had to have help getting out of there.
Unfortunately, while we were back someone broke into my dad's house. They didn't end up taking too much stuff; however they did get a jewelry box with my mom's wedding ring. Guess it could have been a lot worse. Can't figure out why they took the bag with all of the girls clothes, swim suits and bathroom stuff. Hopefully someone is getting some use out of it and it didn't just get thrown away. So, the next morning I headed to Walmart to purchase swim suits, underwear, etc. Then we headed to Hoffman's lake to spend some family/friend time. Here's some lake pictures.
We have also been able to spend some good quality time with Wes & Betsy's family. There is nothing better than watching cousins play together...and fight with each other :)
We can't forget the projects that have been going on. We purchased 4 new windows, which were greatly needed. We still had the original weighted rope windows in the house. Maybe next year we will get to do the upstairs. Here are some before pictures and during pictures. Brett is still working on getting the trim up as I have informed him it must be done before the baby comes....and that's only 3 weeks away. (He is actually working on it at this very moment)
Brett and Libby were both in the Box Butte County Fair Parade. My dad and Aunt Janis came down for the weekend so we were able to enjoy some fried fair food as well as the derby.
Let's not forget the garden...what a project. This garden is actually 3 different families, all with our own section. I tried to just take pictures of our section, but it's a pretty amazing garden done by all. I am definitely all squash, zucchini, pea and beaned out though.
Of course, as in every pregnancy, I decided I needed to chop my hair off so here are some photos of my hair cut/36 weeks pregnant photos for all to see. Definitely don't have as many pregnancy photos with this one.
And most recently, we had Brett's sister's baby shower, which was August 18th. This is her first baby and she has also decided to be surprised with the sex. I'm thinking a girl; however, everyone else is thinking boy.
Well, hope that catches everyone up. Soon we will be welcoming our 3rd baby (probably final). Brett claims he has come to terms with "the big man" that he is going to have 3 girls and just be totally outnumbered. Libby, on the other hand, is so sure that she will be getting a baby brother, that I'm constantly reminding her that we don't know if it's a boy or girl. Only time will tell.