Friday, November 2, 2012


So here is the reality of having a new born, a 4 year old, and a 2 year old. Let me start by saying 4 years old is definitely an age I'm not enjoying all that much and newborns....well, anyone who has had a baby, knows just exactly how time consuming, joyful, exhausting, trying, beautiful and hard they can be.

We got Christian on acid reflux medicine when he was a week old. He seemed to be doing better.

WEEK 1: Brought Christian home from the hospital. Libby had the flu. Put Christian on acid reflux medicine.

WEEK 2: Jade got the flu.

WEEK 3: My brother John's wedding. Almost took Christian to ER for trouble breathing b/c of cold he had gotten from the girls....we didn't end up having to.

WEEK 4: Had to put him on medicine to get over his chest cold. Still noticed he was in a great deal of pain. Tested his poop and discovered blood so I was put on a milk-free (no dairy) diet. That means no milk, cheese, sour cream, butter, etc... This has seemed to work so hopefully I won't have to take out soy as well. Oh yeah, let's not forget no chocolate.

So that's how it has gone so far. Enough said!!!

Grandma Annie

There have been a couple things the girls have done recently that referred to Grandma Annie.

Right after Christian was born Brett was upstairs putting the girls to bed and Libby told Brett that she wished Grandma Annie could be here. Then a couple days later she looked and me and said "Grandma Annie can see Christian". To be honest I didn't even know what to say. I was speechless. We hadn't even been talking about Grandma was so out of the blue.

Then just this past week, we were at Parent Teaches Conferences, which, by the way, made me feel somewhat weird and old, the girls were at their Aunt Betsy's house and she said that Jade came up to her and said "You know I have a friend"...Betsy asked her who her friend was and she told her Grandma Annie and that she bakes her cookies.

It blows my mind even more that Jade brought this up considering, once again, we had not even been talking about my mom and she never even met her. The next couple of days all Jade seemed to talk about was Grandma Annie....makes my HEART SMILE and BREAKS MY HEART all at the same time.

I just wish my kids, and my brothers' kids could have been blessed with more time or even one day with their Grandma Annie. As we all know...being a Grandma was something she definitely lived for, just sucks it was so short lived.