Friday, January 28, 2011

Potty Training

It was finally time to take on potty training. Life had been so hectic that, although Libby had shown interest in potty training, the "right time" had not come along. First came the arrival of Jade and I just couldn't put in the time and attention that was needed for potty training with a new baby. Then came our move back to Nebraska, which could have been too stressful for her to handle along with potty training, and last came the holidays, which truthfully, I just didn't want to start until afterwards. So, for about a month prior to Christmas we started telling Libby that after Christmas she was going to be too big for diapers and we wouldn't have any that fit her. Our thinking was the more we talked about her wearing big girl panties, the easier the transition would be. So Christmas came and passed and when we got back home from "out West", we went straight to potty training just like we had talked about.
The first day didn't go well, but I really didn't have high expectations. I was pretty worried though because she would go potty in her underwear and it didn't even seem to bother her. Day two came and it was the same story...what was I going to do?!?! So day three came and I decided that she would go around worked. She didn't like that. By day four she had come leaps and bounds and we were on the right track.
Overall, the experience has been pretty smooth, but no one ever told me that potty training and poop training were two different tasks. Although she still has accidents with potty training, overall she is doing great. Now we just need to figure out poop. Not sure if it is scary or what the deal is, but she just doesn't want to go poop in the toilet and I'm tired of cleaning up poopy underwear....YUCK!

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