Sunday, August 8, 2010

Family, Wine and Games

Last Wednesday night I was frantically trying to do a quick clean. I decided that having less toys would help with space, considering we would be welcoming 4 adults and 2 children, ages 1 and 9 months, to our 3 bedroom 2 bath house. It takes some strategic thought when trying to decide where everyone is going to stay. My oldest brother, his wife and their 9 month old would stay in our basement, my sister-in-law and her one-year-old would stay in Jade's room, my dad would stay in Libby's room, Jade would stay in the room with my dad and Libby had the best place in the house....well, in her eyes. She was staying in our closet, which she called her fort. It took a couple of days to come up with this arrangement, but it seemed to work great.

It is great to be able to spend time with family and this weekend had a couple of great moments I will never forget. Friday night, both of my sister-in-laws, my dad and I headed to a little wine bar to have a couple glasses of wine and then we were headed down the street to eat at an outstanding Mexican restaurant. We ended up having 4 bottles of wine and some fantastic Mexican food with a pitcher of margaritas. The best part was the fact that we were out relaxing have a great time while my brother and my husband were at home with 4 kids ages 2, 1, 9 months 4 months. I will say this...everyone survived.

Saturday night a few of us were supposed to play in a glow-ball tournament, but they didn't have enough teams and so it was cancelled. Instead we played the best game of P & A (Presidents and Assholes)I have ever played. I laughed so hard that my entire face was sore. I will just say this....when you have 5 adults sitting around a table and each person has to make a particular animal sound before they can speak, the laughter just went on and on and on.

Gotta love family! It was definitely a weekend I will never forget.

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  1. Erin I had the best time ever! Definitely one to go in the record books! If only we would of video taped ourselves so Chad and John could see!!